Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday at Stanford

Yesterday Julie and I met Dr. Fisher. After a brief check-in with the front desk (should I mention they had their act together?), we were led to quite possibly the warmest exam room I have ever visited.

Briefly, Dr. Fisher shared with us a number of options and scenarios. But he seemed to indicate the based on my good health, the early detection and the location of the tumor, that removal by surgery is a likely course of action.

He said that the surgeon had already looked at my CT scan and pet scan. The surgeon indicated that if no great amount of tumor growth has happened, then we will move on it.

Today's events:
A fresh CT scan to confirm that the tumor hasn't grown too much and more bloodwork. Then, maybe back to Chico or perhaps an appointment with another doctor on Friday. If we don't get an appointment tomorrow, we get to come back next week.

NOTE: Girlfriend picks motels from here on out. I finally gave up at 4am and threw a Carman "fit" at the neighbor who seemed to think that shouting a conversation with his wife all night long was ok. We never have this problem when Julie picks the rooms.


  1. JJ said......HOT DOG, Good News, Hang in There!

  2. Doing the happy dance for you ~~ the only other news I've heard this week that was this good was lay off from the zoo.