Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freakin Yeah!

Ok… VERY short form here….

My PET/CT scan came back negative.
All of my blood work with one exception came back negative.

The marker for the pancreas came back elevated. It’s supposed to be 30 something, it was 300 something. That means that my pancreas may or may not have the cancer. Odds are, the pancreas does have cancer, and that it’s so tiny it cannot be seen with our equipment. THAT’S GOOD!

Ok… so I’m in a box that most people don’t get put into because of an accidental find during that ultrasound.

I will be going to Stanford to get a secondary consult to discuss treatment options for the liver tumor as well as chemo options to address the elevated marker.

Liver treatment will take place at Stanford. Chemo here.
The type of chemo (I can’t recall the name) is well handled… won’t lose my hair… may feel blah the next day.


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