Friday, May 8, 2009

PET/CT scan

Today I went for the PET/CT scan.

I started my morning with a tasty pineapple-barium smoothie! Yummo!

Then a little itty-bitty needle to test my blood sugar and to pump in the isotope.

Finally! Something perfect! Lisa (my PET/CT operator) said my blood sugar was perfect at 99.

The hardest part of today was sitting calm and still for 45 minutes while the isotope made its rounds in my body. I am like a 6 year old little boy and it just kills me to sit still. I did well though.

Once they put me in the big donuts (there were 2, one for the CT and another about a foot away from the first for the PET). I'll be darned if I didn't wake myself up snoring. This was WAY better than the liver biopsy!

Results are next week, so I get some time away from doctors and needles for a while.

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