Thursday, May 14, 2009

When is a "promise" not a promise?

Yesterday I felt like I went one round with Mike Tyson (with any other boxer in my weight class I may have made 2 or 3 rounds).

Anyway, people who I love and care for were doing their jobs as part of "Team Stanley"... to make sure that I don't miss something along the way.

The 1 round part came when I was pretty much told to be a little more "proactive" with this an not wait until Wednesday to at least get my results.

I caved in and phoned my oncologist today asking for my results of the lab work on the PET/CT scan. The person who took my call indicated that they would speak with the doctor and see if he would allow the results to be shared over the phone. "I promise to call you one way or the other" was what I was told.

Six and one-half hours later I phone back. "The doctor prefers to discuss your results in person, during your appointment. There aren't any cancellations yet, but if one come up, I promise to call you and let you know.

Ok... I'm still waiting for my call back from last Friday to reschedule my appointment. That was one promise broken.

I had to call you back to find out that promise two was broken.

You really expect me to believe that you'll really call me back to let me move up if there's a cancellation?

Yeah... Right!

So far, I like the doc and I'm not too terribly impressed with the front office. Perhaps I'm just having a shit day? Ya think? Yeah... that's probably it.

Bottom line for me is, don't promise something you cannot stick to or have no intention on doing. I've got cancer, I'm not stupid.


OH... and one more thing....

Folks worked for years to teach me to be patient, now I'm being too patient? Yikes! *grin*

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