Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At Redwood City

We made it to Redwood City yesterday, though before the morning had passed, I was beginning to wonder.

I phoned the staff to make arrangements to pick up the files, slides and cd's that were going to be ready on Friday. (Couldn't pick them up Friday because the office left for an early long weekend). No answer, or a busy signal... I guess that was understandable after the 3 day weekend.

I drove over to the office, and requested the files. The office worker was surprised that I was going a day in advance (even though the worker was sitting right there when the doctor suggested I do just that. She checked to see if someone else had already copied the files. The files had not been copied. So, I offered to return 2 hours later to give the worker time to complete the task. THEN she reached into her desk, rifled through a stack of Post-It notes, found the one with my name and the instructions for my files and went to work.

Just a suggestion: Post-It notes are for helping you remember. They are not a project management system, and they probably aren't much help if they are in a stack in your drawer. a stack! About the size of a pack of cigarettes. Sheesh.

I return, and one of the two copies I was promised was ready. That's ok... I have a copying machine. I asked if the slides from the biopsies where there. The worker just glazed over! Oh my god! This cannot be happening to me! Office mate, also glazed over, got on the phone. 20 minutes later, I'm directed to pick up the slides myself across town.

This office must be one of the rings in Dante's inferno. I'm quite positive I am paying for past transgressions.

Sheesh! Today is going to be better! Stanford can't be that bad.

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