Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a week!

Man... this week has been loaded with activity.

I met with my oncologist this week. He's going to have the pathologist that reviewed my most recent biopsy to rewrite the report so that it reflects correct information. Basically, if something tests positive for "neoplasm" (cancer), then it cannot be "negative" for cancer.

You ever feel like your life was a washing machine on spin cycle and you were the single towel in the load making the machine go thump thump thump as it wildly roamed around the laundry room floor?

The oncologist is also going to email the surgeon to find out why he cannot/will not go in to remove the most recent "negative" spot located and biopsied near my liver. He is also going to look into two other forms of therapy.

One is stereo tactic radiation. (Please note, I more than likely have this term incorrect). This allows pin-point radiation to a specific spot. This is done at either UC Davis or UC San Francisco. He will be emailing two colleges to confirm and make arrangements for this to possibly happen.

The other is radio frequency ablation. (Thanks Anjie!). This is pretty much the same deal, but uses radio frequency instead of radiation.

The surgeon phoned yesterday and he has a colleague at Stanford who is willing to do a endoscopic ultrasound biopsy. In English: a throat cam with an ultrasound device attached. Whoo hoo!

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been working with me and it looks like we'll be going to Chicago in late March to meet with their staff. My local oncologist supports this decision to get another opinion and options, but he did say that this "for profit" organization will do "wallet biopsies". That is, they may run tests that may or may not be necessary in order to create bill-able items. I guess they have to pay for the plane ticket they are providing us somehow.

I've been volunteering at the local "not for profit". That has been VERY satisfying. I'm still in "job shadow" mode and that has been going so well. It's nice to get out of the house, and the hours are just right.

I made a $300 error on my Federal taxes. I get more on my refund! Holy smoke! That never happens.

I paid off another credit card this morning! That was a terrific feeling.

I having breakfast with my dad on Friday. It'll be nice to spend a t little father/son time with him.

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