Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterdays PET scan

I just love working with a sensitive, competent staff. Yesterdays PET scan went very well. And they actually did a combo CT and PET scan.

I picked up my copy of the disk for Stanford and took a gander. Well, I see hot spots in the slices, but actually my understanding of what I see is probably a lot like ancient man's interpretation of the stars. "That one looks like an archer. Ooo that one looks like a lobster." That kind of stuff. So, while the images look pretty slick, I'm going to leave the analysis to the pro. We'll see what Doc Hayward says on Friday.

Yesterday I ran into a fellow combatant. She and I spent a great deal of time chatting. It was nice to speak with someone who "knows". That's not to imply that others aren't concerned or don't understand, but someone with a common bond really has some awesome insight to offer from daily survival to the care and feeding of loved ones who just want to help.

Today I get to do lunch with my sister. I'm really looking forward to that. She's my bestest bud in the whole world.

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