Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sissy Sushi! And AT&T bites ass.

Today I had Sissy Sushi.

That is, I went to Safeway and bought a cheapo plastic box filled with a California Roll that included "no raw fish". The rice was sweet, the wasabi was glorious, and I can still operate chop sticks.

I made a dental appointment! Yeah!

I gave an AT&T rep a hard time. BIG hard time. "Did we provide you with excellent service today Mr. Carman?" My reply using my best patient voice (you who know me know this voice well) "Absolutely NOT!" Her reply was, "well thank you for calling AT.... WHAT?!?!? you got bad service?"

Lookie here sister...

It took me 25 minutes on wait (not hold) to get to Wayne. That is AFTER I spoke to your stupid menu system... "Ok... let me see if I heard you right."
Wayne lacked the skill sets or authority to answer my question, "How much longer on my DSL commitment?"
Wayne forwarded me to DSL Tech Support.
Nearly immediately, I got Chris.
Chris was made to look like an idiot by AT&T. He gets to read the script, but cannot answer my question, " How much longer on my DSL commitment?"
I get to wait on hold for 10 more minutes before I get Myra who barely speaks Engrish and is ready to "provide me with excellent customer serveece."
I finally get my answer and she asks me if I got "great customer service"

UH OH!!! Here comes Mr. Hyde!


Lookie here AT&T...

While my puny little local phone line, my DSL and my petty little 5 cell phone accounts will not be missed by you when I leave... and I'm sure that just under 300 buckeroos a month will not be missed by you...

I shall not miss your piss poor attempt at customer service.

By the way... the company I went to for my cell phone service had a human that picked up on the first ring.

The company I am choosing for my phone and internet gave me 2 choices when I phoned and a human picked up on the second ring.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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