Thursday, December 17, 2009

... and the wisdom to know the difference.

I so wish that I had the skill sets necessary to practice that little saying. There are things in my life, or things that are around me that I just don't get to control. That bugs me big time! It is so very hard for me to keep my mouth shut at times and let those in control take care of things.

So, I have a little disruption going on in my life and it is truly stupid that I let my blood pressure get all up in a froth over it. I can't share a lot of details, but I vow to not let it take me over. Somehow, I'll get "the wisdom to know the difference".

Changed up the blog color template this morning. Blue wasn't working for me. Yay! Something I can control!

Again, this morning, I'm reminded that chemo and checkbooks do not mix. There are times I feel like a dumb ass when I see how badly my checkbook register is kept up. I mean, it's not like I'm not trying... it's almost hit or miss though. The good thing is, all my chemo buddies say that I'll start getting my "marbles" back between six months and two years.

Today I plan on tackling my daughter's bathroom. That is one place that makes me shudder... other than her bedroom, and I'm frightened to go in there. I would need my GPS, a good terrain map and a compass to find my way back out.

Speaking of my daughter's cave, I was completely impressed yesterday. For a moment, I thought the dish and the spoon had indeed run off together... and bred! My kitchen sink was full of a variety of plates, saucers, bowls, silverware, glasses and cups. I think someone needs to have "the talk" with the dish and the spoon. I'll wager that the ants leave the cave now... no food laying around in half empty dishes anymore... well... for now anyway.

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