Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday and why I feel sorry for parents.

Yesterday was quite rough. I'm tired as hell and I think I must be fighting something more than chemo. The oncologist indicates that all is well though. I can go in for a visit if issues persist any longer. Oncologist suggested Benadryl cream for my little rash to stop the itch.

Now, why I feel sorry for parents. I woke at 4:15. I let the evil ones out of the office to feed them. Before I could read a note from my daughter letting me know she went to her mom's house, my door bell rings. WTF? At 4:30AM? I peak out the window of the door, and there's a young man there. You know when you get the idea that opening the door for some guy that looks maybe 18 or 19 at 4:30 may be a bad idea?

Well, I opened the door. Turns out the kid was lost and wanted to call his mom. I retrieved my phone and let him make his call. "Mom, I'm cold and it's late, can you pick me up?" Sheesh... late? Dude, it's 4:30... us humans call that early!

I ended up having to speak to his mom so that she could find out where her son was. I let her know a great place, well lit, to pick him up and gave him directions.

I'm really lucky that my kids have their crap together.

OH! The funny thing was, "Dude! Did you have surgery?", he asked marveling at my "zipper" running the length of my hot Buddha belly. I replied, "Nah. I have liver cancer." He went pale. That was funny.

On his way out he asked, "Do you smoke weed, dude?".
No was my answer, my thought was... that's why you're lost dimwit!

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