Friday, November 20, 2009

Kitty Keemo


The evil twins got their shots yesterday. I compared it to "kitty keemo".

Tuffy had it so bad, her eyes were both looking the same direction. She was having fits finding the litter box without her eyes crossed. I guess when you've lived your life like most drunks, seeing more than one potty spot, finally seeing just one (with straight eyes) was just a trip for her.

Today was terrific!

Lunch with Cindy was a god send. Getting to see my old friends at the school was pretty cool too.

Got to grab a quick beer with Rick before I had to jet for a meeting with Social Security. That was great too, but someday I have to slow my life down enough to be able to spend time with Rick when he's able to slow his down enough. Juggling life events is tough on us "old farts".

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