Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Son of a ....

Well... I'll leave out the rest of the statement about questionable ancestry.

I just got back from an appointment with my oncologist. My most recent CA19-9 is 52... or 56.... either way.. freaking high since the normal high end is 35.

Doc says a lot of things could kick that number up, even (gasp) a mistake. So, I went 13, 16,16 and 52. We're going to watch the marker, they check at the next chemo visit. Doc also indicated that my last CT scan was perfect, so the high marker is likely not anything to worry about right now.

Right! I feel like the fighter in a cage match who was holding his own and then suddenly finds himself answering, "Friday" when asked "Do you know where you are?" after being put to sleep with a rear naked choke hold.

This will be a long wait until the next blood work.

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