Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The afternoon thinking


So after an afternoon of thinking, being pissed, being spooked and being pissed again... I've finally got myself thinking straight and settled down.

Nothing I can do right now to change anything. The marker number is what it is for now.

I'm going to phone in and get my PA to request bloodwork ASAP so that I can sleep properly. Until then, I'll just do my best to not worry.

Coming up:

Lunch on Friday with a high school classmate, former co-worker, and friend but most importantly, a survivor! That will be a nice get together for me.

Lunch on Monday with a former high school classmate and one of my bestest buds! Sister of a "combatant"! Another great opportunity for me.

Sometime between now and turkey day a get together with another high school classmate and another of my bestest buds!

A weekend trip out of town...well... doing some shopping in the Bay Area and get to catch up with Julie's family. That will be so nice! I'll also get to show off my Buddha belly zipper!!! They haven't seen it yet. :-)

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