Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why are we SO tolerant?

Why is it that we as paying customers tolerate increasing levels of incompetence????

What fired me up is the 25 minutes I spent punching numbers and telling the fruitcake voice from ATT my telephone number over and over again. Yes this is broke, No this isn't broke...

Friggin machine took me SO long to report that my voice line was down.

GOOD NEWS! They will call me in 48 hours to arrange repair! Are you friggin kidding me?!

Incompetence is rampant, and we continue to tolerate it! Why?

2 days for a MAJOR phone carrier to call me back about my broken phone service?
Office Admin staff at doctors offices running the operation from post it notes?
Check out clerks that don't know the difference between Bok Choy and wheat tortillas?
Leaders who know they hired a computer tech, but haven't got a clue why?

I'm up to here with this bull-loney!

And to think, I was just telling a friend last night on the phone that it's all small stuff... maybe that's the problem... we've allowed it to all be small stuff and are content to pay outrageous monthly payments to be screwed with less than adequate customer service. It's crap I tell ya! Crap!

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