Friday, July 17, 2009

2 down, 16 to go

Wow! Yesterday's chemo visit kicked my butt. I didn't get sick or anything, but man... I was wiped out. I could hardly keep my eyes open all evening, and was just a vegetable on the couch.

So far I'm having only mild side effects from the Gemzar. I get really tired really easy, the sun cooks me in a hurry and my brain is a bit on the foggy side. Overall, no real big deal.

What really floored me was the result of yesterdays blood work. They have to do a CBC (complete blood count) at each visit. They check three things. My WBC ( I think this is white blood count), my Hgb/Hct (these are red blood cell numbers) and PLT (platelettes). The change in the numbers was mind bogglling considering how well I feel (so far).

Week one numbers: WBC - 6.8/ANC 4.6, HGB./HCT - 12.8/38.0, and PLT 203.
Week two numbers: WBC - 4.1/2.0, HGB./HCT - 12.2/35.4, and PLT 145.

That's a trip! Seeing the PLT count drop so fast makes me understand why I'm supposed to be VERY careful with sharp knives, shave with an electric razor and wear shoes all the time. I could really bleed a lot if I'm not on the ball.

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