Friday, July 10, 2009

1 down 17 to go

Chemo went pretty well yesterday. It was a long afternoon though I had expected to only be there 30 minutes. My oncologist had indicated 30 minutes, but on the best days it will be 90. Adding all of the "training" for my first day, it made my first visit nearly four hours.

The staff at the infusion center was terrific, and so were the other guests. There were a lot of people getting a variety of treatments. Everyone seemed to be pretty happy and jovial. It was a nice first day.

Man! Talk about a number of restrictions. I have so many things I have to watch for as I go through the next six months. I have to avoid groups, have to watch for all kinds of infections and illness. I need to shop when the stores are slow so I don't get exposed to sick people. I need to avoid kids who have recently been vaccinated for chicken pox and polio types of vaccinations. I even have to watch for bleeding. Had to switch from razor blades to an electric razor to prevent nicks.

It's going to be a long 6 months.

Today I go for another CT scan to set a baseline view of my new liver. It should nearly be done regenerating by now (yesterday was 5 weeks after surgery).

As things go on with the chemo, and as I get side effects, I'll keep posting. I'm interested to see what side effects I'll be experiencing. So far, nothing! That works for me.

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