Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wouldn't the truth just be easier???

AT&T bites ass.
For that matter, so does Digital Path.
Actually, finding out you are going to die and having to deal with anything in an administrative status sucks.

So, with that in mind... I got the word I am going to kick the bucket a little sooner than I thought I would. (THIS ISN'T NEW BAD NEWS SO DON"T PANIC)

Knowing that I'd like to take care of a lot of "easy" crap, I begin taking steps to transfer accounts.

Digital Path, my current phone/internet provider is more than happy to transfer ownership of the account into Julie's name...IF she provides a credit card to auto bill each month.... all new customers must do this. REALLY??? Hmm... I write you a check each month... but not good enough for ya huh? OK... we'll go back to AT&T.


I placed my order last week. I was promised my land line on Monday.
Monday came and went, no land line... but I do have a tech visit scheduled for Friday. WTF???
Call AT&T... cancel visit, promised land line on Tuesday.
Tuesday came and went, no land line.

Call support... after mashing about 15000 buttons, I find a human.

"Oh, they should have told you that a tech had to come out."

Really??? Why the hell didn't they just say that in the first friggin place????


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  1. Ain't customer service in all businesses nowadays just grand? Had the option recently to pay $25 per year to have technical support answered from someone in the U.S. instead of the outsourced company that normally answers calls. Go figure! Good luck with your appt. Hope they show up! How is that blood pressure?