Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I heard the news today, oh boy....

Well, actually, I heard the new yesterday.

I met with my radiation oncologist yesterday and she shared that radiation therapy on my liver isn't going to be an option because the cancer has spread a great deal. Based on her description of the PET/CT scan, I get an image of a shotgun blast...

I have small tumors in my lungs, my back (lymph nodes), my shoulder, my neck, my stomach...etc.

My mom posed the question, "So, how much time are we looking at here?"
After asking me if I wanted to know how long, the doctor replied, "Probably less than 1 year."
We can do some radiation for pain management purposes, but not for "cure" purposes. There's just too much there.

I spent most of the day letting things sink in. I let a number of my friends and family know what's going on. One of my oncologists staff phoned me to ask how my appointment went. I was shocked! My oncologist spoke about my case with my radiation oncologist the day before. They just don't communicate well in that office at all. She was shocked from the news, just like everyone else. "What will you do now?"

My answer is simple. I will be living each day as though my ass is on fire!

I have a lot of administrative stuff to get accomplished, most of it has already been taken care of over the last year. Mainly, just loose ends to tie up and make tidy.

I also have a lot of vacation type stuff to take care of too. My girlfriend blew out all of her vacation time last year taking care of me. This year, we spend her vacation time on vacation.

I don't know how much more I'll have to add here. I'm sure I'll share symptoms and such along the way, in case someone else with CC stops by for a visit. I'll also share my "vacation" stuff too.

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