Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My CT scan and the new tattoos

Well... my CT scan was quite interesting. A lot different at the radiation facility than what they do at the imaging facility. Almost like it was a new thing they were learning. I'm glad it's done.

I also got my "body" mold done. That is like a bean bag pillow with itty bitty beans in it. Once they have you positioned, they use a vacuum to suck the air out of the pillow. That maintains the shape so that you're in the same position each day.

I got 3 new tat's as well. Each the size of a freckle to be used as guides for the radiation operator.

Tomorrow is a PET scan. It's supposed to be a full body scan. That's to make sure that I don't have any other buggers showing up now. It won't make much sense to do the radiation near my liver if there are other areas now showing too.

One of the staff members at my oncologist's office suggested I get my chemo prescription filled with a company in Sacramento. She said they get better buys on the meds from them. Some better buy... my cost for 84 pills... $622.00. Saved me a whole 8 bucks... whoo hoo! There is a patient assistance program that we're going to try for and see what we can come up with.

It seems that the further I travel on this little journey, the more is seems to cost.

Good news is, I've already met my yearly out of pocket expenses for my medical care, and at the rates they're charging for meds, I'll make the yearly out of pocket for pharmaceuticals in no time.

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