Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where oh where did I leave my red Star Trek shirt???

Well... more freakin good news. Not only did my local oncologist miss the diagnosis from the PET scan (surgeon at Stanford says that the two items on my lung were PET positive) but now I have to go through another biopsy.

This biopsy is a CT Guided, Fine Needle Aspiration of the Porta Hepatis. The English version of this medical techno-babble is "A Flag Pole Jammed Between Two Ribs to Suck a chunk of your body into a small jar". The target, porta hepatis, is the area where one of my lymph nodes used to be. Right close to the liver. Actually from pictures I've seen, right against the liver.

The last time I did this, it was quite possibly the greatest amount of pain I have ever experienced. This time when the RN asks if I want something for the pain, my response is going to be , "You bet your ass! All of it! Give me everything!" There's got to be a way they can do this with me asleep. I'm going to find out for sure.

I guess you can tell that I'm not getting much sleep again. Being in limbo really sucks. I don't have any information and my new oncologist seems to me to be throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. Frankly, why the biopsy? Don't we already know that I have cancer? Sheesh. My belly is a mess, my brain is a mess, I'm a mess.

I think I'm going to look around and see if I can get into another oncologist who is more "on board" with what's going on... someone with a little more interest in what's going on with me and what's going on with my treatment.

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