Thursday, January 14, 2010

First trip to Stanford this year.

We're heading out to Stanford this afternoon. Do a CT scan tomorrow morning and follow up with the surgeon, Dr. Vissar, mid-morning.

I'm feeling really good physically. I've started watching what I eat a lot more closely. It's my opinion that when you need 3 strong men and a "come along" to button the top fly of your jeans, you've let it go too far. I started tracking my calorie intake as well as my physical activity. I even started a "beginner" running program. But I'm finding that my knees, at near 50, don't care much for the pounding. So I'm going to have to find another method of burning the calories.

Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll get out of the Stanford clinics soon enough to stop by Jelly Belly and see a pair of dear friends. Its been WAY too long and I miss them.

I'll post how the trip goes maybe tomorrow evening.

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