Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally! Some information.

Stanford phoned me this morning. My RN there apologized for being so delayed in returning my call. My thought was, "hmm... you were off yesterday, you've been back to work for 5 minutes and that's slow?"

The call went very nicely, and she gave me the following information.

Since we (I) have 2 new spots on my left lung, AND since they are down low on the lung, AND since that portion of the lung touches the liver from time to time, AND that area that it touches is near the cut section, they want to confirm from the porta hepatis biopsy that it is the same cancer and not a new one. This was a surprise to me because what I've read is that once you've been diagnosed with one cancer... it's your's for the duration regardless of where it pops up next.

No biopsy on the lung, because that isn't practical. Hmm... but getting a flag pole jammed between your ribs is? Perhaps I need to be grateful they're doing the liver biopsy and not the lung?

The final part of the call was an apology from the RN that no one told me what the devil was going on. In her words, when two physicians speak and come to an agreement on detection methods or treatment, the physician making the arrangements (my Chico oncologist) would be the party to notify the patient.

I'm still not happy with this new fella, and I will be letting him know on my Monday appointment. The hard part will be to let him know in a manner that is more of a critique rather than a personal attack. But I'm so freakin good at the personal attack... I can do it without even trying ;-)

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