Monday, May 3, 2010

Any landing you walk away from...

Ok... weird event last night. In the middle of a deep sleep, I came crashing down on my bed. I hit so hard that I even bounced. Freakin weird.

I went to the Relay For Life event at PV this weekend. I had no idea just how many survivors would show and how many "team" members of those survivors would show. I saw SO many friends there... I was floored. I saw Gerry, Kathi and Traci, but by the time I came around again, I missed them. Overall it was a terrific event and I'm very grateful for Team Lifetouch for getting me over there and helping me deal with so many people. I don't do crowds really well, and the Lifetouch folks really saved my tooshie.

Today is my first radiation treatment of 3. These are for pain management on my shoulder. All the materials say that I'll be fine, but they have me face down while getting zapped... with my face resting on a sheet. It's SO hard to breathe that way. I'm going to see if I can arrange from ventilation today.

Tuesday and Wednesday more radiation. I'm not sure what comes next for me.

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