Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wow...what a week.

I have been sooo frigging sick.
Out of the last week, I didn't hurl 2 of them.
My body is so sore.

Who needs a gym, right?

Hospice has started coming to my home. They're working on a concoction that will settle my stomach. Once we get that dialed in, we work on other issues that have been hurting/bugging/troubling me.

I'm sleeping good finally, and that's nice... I just wish I wasn't sleeping so dang long.

Getting lots of good visits from family, but I'm having hard time getting friends squeezed in. I'm just exhausted after little things that I pass out hard after a short visit. Hospice says that we'll work together to beat that too.

Gotta jet. Time for my nap.

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