Saturday, September 26, 2009

Being frustrated with life's speed bumps.

I am so tired of this chemo crap. I'm over the hump now, but I am SO ready to be done.

This week at work went well. I managed not to hurt myself or any of the equipment. That's a good thing.

Medical professionals are leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I'm sure you may recall my last venting on incompetent boobs who work in these offices.

I am NOT good at spontaneity. I like to have a nice nifty schedule to follow.

Last week my PAC phoned me to get me to get my blood work done a day early so that I could see my former oncologist before he left for his new practice in Seattle. I was a bit miffed (my schedule was thrown off) but I went on in and got it done. My platelets were way down, so we canceled my treatment (another ding in my schedule). I met with the oncologist (an unscheduled appointment) and we changed my schedule from 3 on 1 off to 2 on 1 off.

That brings me to this week.

Oncologist receptionist (blondie cutie that uses post-it notes as a project management program) phones to confirm my appointment for Wednesday. Sorry toots! You're a freaking month off. Chemo brain or not, I KNOW my schedule! I didn't even bother to return her call.

Thursday the infusion center phones me, "Where are you? You've missed your appointment!" Ok... PAC thought I was doing Thursday infusions... no big deal. We rescheduled for yesterday (Friday).

Friday, I show up, and my RN cannot do anything with me because PAC sent no orders. *sigh* PAC runs around trying to get it squared away. Old oncologist is in Seattle, he can't sign. New oncologist is out, likely trying to get his new life in town organized. Finally, she gets the Doc across the hall to sign my orders. This finally gets me into a chair an hour late. *sigh* THEN the orders aren't even complete. No Zofran on the order. Great... I almost had to get all pukie while getting my Gemzar. Fortunately, the RN got it all together for me. My 90 minute appointment was nearly 3.5 hours.

I wished people would quit changin my life around! Don't do me any favors, stick to a schedule!


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