Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surgical Follow Up

I'm back from the follow up at Stanford. It was a great meeting with my surgeon and others.

Things were running behind schedule, so we were about an hour and a half late getting in. We got to spend some time with some folks who used to live in Chico, but retired to cooler climates.

Once we got in, Dr. Chen (one of the residents) came in. He shared some good news about the liver... I think what he said was that no further tumors were found on the material that they removed from me. Then he said, "now... let's take a look at your incision". THEN he poked me right down the line top to bottom. Poke, poke, poke. I was thinking..."Oh my god! I'm gonna poop my pants!" But, it didn't even hurt, and Dr. Chen seemed quite pleased. I'm not sure if he was pleased that I didn't poop my pants or squeal like me friend who hates spiders or if he was pleased at my recovery. At any rate, we were told to wait for Dr. Vissar.

Dr. Vissar came in, and I jumped up off the table to shake his hand. We spoke a bit, and then I asked questions like, "When is it REALLY safe to drive? When can I vacuum? Can I ride a bike?" He gave me a look and said, "You make liver surgery look easy. I should have you share your recovery with other patients as most of them don't do this well."

I was told that all of my activities could be resumed IF my body said it was ok. BUT I wasn't going to hurt anything.

Then the beer!

Yessiree Bob! I can have a beer now and then. YES! Fat Tire never tasted SO good!

Cheemo appointment on Monday!

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