Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 days after surgery.

Well.. sorry for the long delay. I've been a bit "under the weather.

The very short version is, they took about 40% of my liver, my gall bladder and a "suspect" lymph node. One of the resident surgeons who did not believe that I weighed 218 was quite "amazed" at the amount of fat I had crammed in there. Gee... I'm not sure I know how to take that ;-)

Overall care at Stanford was pretty good, but I did get the roommate from hell. On the second night of him turning the lights on and off, the tv on and off, and running the nursing staff crazy because "I lost my medicine" (Dork... It's the magic green button they pinned to your jammies... just like they told you 50 times the first night) I finally walked my ass out to the nurse and said, you either move me to another room or I'm walking home to Chico. I think he took me seriously, because I was moved into a two person room, with no roommate the first night.

I'm tired, and drugged up. They gave me this pain killer that gives you the dreams from hell. My god! I was on a bus, a rabbit was driving it... but I couldn't see his face unless I got onto bus number 103.... sheesh... then Charlie Tuna was trying to kill me one night. That stunk.

So now I'm home. I can barely focus on anything for long. I walk twice a day... a generous amount. I would guess maybe 1/2 mile each time. I cannot drive. Cannot lift anything over 5 pounds.

The last two days I've spent sleeping for the most part. Sleeping and working on getting real food working in my system again.

The really wacko thing... smells! It is like my sniffer went into hyperdrive. So much stuff smells like crap... just reall rotten.

OK. I gotta go take my nap (I'm tired of thinking).

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  1. Hooray!!! Sorry about the nightmares, but at least there wasn't a HUGE bunny driving the bus, now that would be strange! No Harvey for you! That is quite a weight loss program you have set up for yourself tho! My dad gets his face lift every time he goes in for skin cancer removal...just keeps getting younger! I am glad you are home and are looking forward to updates on your recovery! Hope the girls are spoiling you with love and care!!!