Monday, June 15, 2009

My first good night sleep in a while...

Finally! I got a good night sleep. Last night was my first full night without any pain meds. Here's why...

I had the most horrible dreams on the Oxicodone (sp?). My belly was killing me even if I took the stuff. I finally worked out some "plumbing issues" related to the oxicodone but was still hurting like crazy. Finally, day before yesterday, at 3 AM, I said forget this! These aren't working, I'm not taking them anymore.

Yesterday, my first day off meds, was freakin awesome! I didn't hurt, I went and dit a little shopping trip (I rode, Julie drove and lifted the bags etc). We went to the movie rental store and picked up Gran Tarino. (Great flick!). I also knocked out two little loads of laundry and cooked dinner.

Last night I managed to get five hours of sleep at one sitting (rather than the 10 minutes I was getting at best on the meds). Then I toook an hour break from sleep to stretch out the shoulders a bit (unrelated or maybe stress related tension) then went back to sleep for like four more hours.

I woke up tired, but rested ... if that is at all possible.

This morning I was reminded that it's still very hard to shave. The cut they made was right down the center of my tummy, and now it's still a bit tricky to lower my upper torso to get my face wet.

And for a bit of humor, a memory from Standford...

RN: "It's time to take out your epideral Mr. Carman."
Pretty Drugged Up Me: "Duhhh.... ok"
RN: "First we have to remove the tape, slow or fast?"

Note: My back used to be quite hairy. I had no idea they used what felt like duct tape. I had no idea HOW much tape they used.

Pretty Drugged Up Me: "Go slow, I'm not sure I can take it fast."
RN: OK Mr. Carman, here we go.

RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPP, tear, rrrriiippp, yipe, rrrriiiiippp, tear.

RN: "Ok Mr. Carman, all done. You did great! No charge for the waxing! "

Though painful, it was funny that my RN had a sense of humour. Great guy! I wish I could have had hime the entire time.

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