Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trying to sleep and not think so much!

I think the next thing I have to master until I get to go to my first appointment with Dr. Keech on Monday is how to actually not think all the time. I woke up again this morning, and man you can get dizzy with all the spinning that your mind can do.

My friend, Dana, suggested I put together a binder to keep track of all my stuff during my "journey". This journey binder will have all my results, calendar to track all the appointments, etc. I got that started right away.

Part of that binder is my health records. I phoned Dr. Peterson's office (my primary care physician) and let them know I wanted to make a request to get a copy of the latest lab work, the ultrasound, the CT and then the liver biopsy. Heather there said, "I'll make you a copy of your entire record. You're friend had a terrific idea." Man! That was easy :-)

Had a test with the City Of Chico yesterday for a job position that they have an opening for. There were two test periods scheduled. There must have been 50 candidates at my test period. They'll be taking the top 20 scorers on the test for the interview. I feel pretty good about that.

Today will be another busy day. Need to follow up with a number of agencies, just to make sure I've covered all my bases. Need to "kid proof" the kitchen, the cats are into everything. Finally, I think I'll go hide a while in Warcraft and blow up some monsters.

Most of all, I'm going to try not to think too much!


  1. Also Stan you should write down every question you can think of and take that list with you to the dr. Check off each question when he has given you all the info you need. Then move on to the next question. I did this with my daddy...

  2. Very good suggestion! Thank you. I have inserted blank paper so I can scribble down questions as they come up. I have to write them down fast because if I don't... my ideas/questions will die of loneliness... not much gray matter left these days ;-)


  3. ebeth....north carolinaMay 3, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    i saw you went to the VA .... do you have vet insurance benefits? I think you should try and get them if you dont... get up with me i will try and help you....

    P.S. you are very strong and smart i dont think you are giving yourself enough credit....

  4. Nope. I don't qualify for Vet Benefits. No service connected medical issue and I made too much money last year.