Saturday, October 3, 2009

My life in an Uno game...

Jeez... like for me right now is a bad hand of Uno. I keep getting the "skip a turn" card.

This time it appears that the little on-set of a cold that I've been fighting has knocked my white blood cells down below my cut-off point. Actually, one component of my white blood cells, NE, was down to 1400. The cut off is 1500. My RN this week called the NE component the "baby white cells".

So my goal the next two weeks is to watch the crowds, wash my hands frequently and NOT get any sicker. I don't feel badly now, just the typical, "Oh crap, I'm catching a cold" feeling.

Next week I return to Stanford for another CT scan and a surgical follow up. I also have to remember to get a copy of the OP report for both my family physician and my new oncologist. Out of all the reports that have been taken on me, this one is the only one that never made it this far.

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