Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chemo day yesterday, no "skip a turn" card tossed at me.

I finally got to do a chemo day. My little white blood cells went from 14000 two weeks ago to 45000 yesterday. Looks like I whooped the cold's butt.

After chemo, I came home and swapped out the keyboard on the laptop (recall the evil kittens?). I am a Dell Certified System Expert and I'm certified to work on this brand of laptop. This was the first time I've ever cracked the case on a laptop in my life. Between chemo brain and the fear that I would ruin the laptop, I was a nervous wreck. I had a nifty set of picture instructions and the caper went without a hitch. Whew! My daughter still loves me ;-).

Oh! Yesterday I got to sit in a new chair! Apparently someone read my blog and decided to get a few new funky recliners. I shared with my mom that I sat in the new chair... she asked if it was made of gold. Funny question! While not made of gold, it was upholstered with gold colored cloth. Fitting huh?

This morning I've been up about 3 hours. I helped Julie make her lunch and I went through a few old files. I'm still looking for that title to my car. Chemo has me pooped out big time. It's just amazing how toxic this stuff is.

Best count at this point is 4 more left until December 11, my target end date. They've modified my schedule again to 1 week on, 1 week off. I'll be glad when I am off forever.

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