Friday, August 14, 2009

Yesterday's chemo and onconolgist visit.

Cool stuff first! The image on the left is from my CT scan in July. See the sparklies on the edge of my liver? little white X's? Those are my sutures inside!!! Freakin cool huh? This image was cut from a screen capture of my CT scan that was provided to me on a cd. Very awesome stuff. God! I'm such a nerd.

Yesterday went pretty ok. I still feel yucky from the chemo, but that just means it's doing it's job.

I met with my oncologist yesterday. My CA199 marker that started at over 300 when this whole trip began, had dropped to something like 27 on my last visit with him. Now it's at 13!!!! Freaking great news. He also discussed other options I can look at if this chemo is making me cry uncle. Options that will draw out the time of treatment, though I'll still only have 18 treatments total. It's my hope that I can tough it out and stay on schedule. I will be done in mid December... I'd rather not be sick during the holidays.

So, 5 down, 13 to go.

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